STEVE COUCH COMEDY SONGS - Silly Songs About Holidays and Life's Stupidity!

Well, ha ha ha.

This guy thinks he's sooo clever.

Writing all kinds of sarcastic songs that make fun of holidays and families. And making the poor audience sing right along.

You should just hear those songs - or better yet don't, you'll only encourage him!



Borderline Ugly

"Borderline Ugly"

Crazy Good Comedy Tunes!

You'll hear hilarious songs about Caffeine, Scary Dreams, Santa and more! Learn the horrible truth behind Fake News, Pig Latin and Green Beer!

Don't just sit there reading this! Be Borderline Ugly too!!


Bucktown Songs

"Bucktown Songs"

Live recordings of the songs Steve composes and performs each month for The Bucktown Revue.

You'll hear hilarious tunes about Facebook, the IRS, Valentines Day and more! Find reasons to be thankful and have a Happy New Year.

All this and more awaits you in Bucktown Songs!


Ha Ha Holidays

"Ha Ha Holidays"

A compendium of future festival favories!

This album features songs to celebrate Mother's Day, Father's Day, 4th of July, even Black Friday, the Day after Thanksgiving.

Laugh and sing along with Ha Ha Holidays (so you don't have to talk to your relatives when they show up during seasonal parties!)